Switching all electronic systems of your hotel that will enter new service and your facility to be revised.
we can deliver or quote.
When entering a hotel room, from card lock system, energy saving device, touch panel lighting system, hotel doorbell system, room automation, TVs, media hubs, clock radios and Dock.Stations, All in-room materials, from hotel-type safes to minibars, hotel-style façades and TV broadcast system throughout the hotel, wired, wireless internet system, public address system, fire and camera system, telephone system, data system, meeting rooms for all your electronic pen until the system manufacturer or distributor of our company that we are a Turkey We can deliver the products with their installation, training and project. Now for you We can build a Hotel with Zero Contact. Of these, 10-15 companies are working, we reduce this to a single company and both time and we can save you from costs.


As Locca company, we share our 19 years of hotel industry experience with you, experienced in electronics With our engineer team, we can provide consultancy services for all electronic systems to be installed in your hotel, We can follow your projects and get your project from your subcontractor on your behalf.
Our experienced team follows all the innovations and provides all kinds of developments in the sector, systems will convey new trends in the hotel industry to you and choose the appropriate systems and apply them. will help. The right material selection and where and how it should be applied, both time and financially important, contact us for the right and on-site product and company selection at timely and affordable costs, we can give you more detailed information by visiting you.


We design special products for you and manufacture products specific to your company.
You can develop almost any product in our structure for you, colors specific to your company or brand, we can use shapes and logos. All the equipment in your hotel or office without disturbing your brand integrity, From the locks, to the safes, to the speakers, to the TVs, to the Minibars, all the devices in your brand are in your brand, can be in your logo or colors. With us for your personal or company-specific designs and ideas You can contact.


All of our products in the application are under minimum 2 years warranty (warranty periods according to product type) varies) 24 hours for problems and malfunctions that may occur during this warranty period You can contact our service team and request training support for your renewed teams.
You can contact us for 24 hours: +90530.156 1199 for service and support.SPECIAL FOR YOU