Ozone Generator

Hotel room sterilization with ozone

Usage of Ozone Generator:
1. Place the ozone generator in a specific location in the room to be sterilized.
2. To achieve the best ozone disinfection effect, please install doors and windows, etc. Close. There should be no personnel in the room during disinfection.
3. Turn on the power supply, turn the timing switch clockwise according to the desired sterilization time and ozone sterilation begins. The device will turn off automatically when the timer goes to zero.

Working Principle:
1. When the oxygen-containing gas passes through the discharge gap between the two electrodes, some of the oxygen-containing gas (O2) is converted into ozone (O3) to allow ozone to be prepared. The discharge gap between the high voltage electrodes produces micro discharge, the atoms of the oxygen molecules become free, are part of the free oxygen and are broken down by the decomposition of the oxygen molecules to produce ozone (O3).
O + O2 = O3 is known as “corona discharge” or “silent discharge”. In fact, only some of the electrical energy applied to the electrodes is used to produce ozone, which generates heat and a fan is used to cool it.
ozone generating module.
2. Ozone is a broad-spectrum fungicide that has a strong killing effect on all kinds of bacteria and viruses. Due to the various roles of free radicals in ozone, it has strong oxidation, catalytic effect like viruses and bacteria. gas provides separation of protein denaturation, nucleic acid and enzyme activity decreases, so air disinfection sterilization, ozone and formaldehyde and other toxic and harmful gases are disrupted, complex physical and chemical reactions are purified and harmless, such as oxidation. – The aim is to prevent secondary pollution.

Usage areas:
1. Hotel room disinfection, vehicle disinfection, office disinfection, hotel disinfection, etc.
2. Production workshop sterilization, plate disinfection, disinfection of areas such as wards, dormitories, school, kindergarten disinfection, etc.
3. Food processing plant, Sterilization and protection of factories.
4. Sterilization of large areas such as Meeting Areas, Hotel Lobbies, Restaurant, Cafe.
5. Fungal culture prevents bacterial infection and removes odors.

Freshen Air, easily get rid of all odors, harmful gases, Bacteria and Viruses, fill the area you use with clean Oxygen.

Safe Sterilization, Ozone; It removes formaldehyde, virus, bacteria and unwanted odors quickly. Contains no pollution. After disinfection, the air automatically turns into oxygen.

Effective Prevention of Infection

Products and Features


Usage Area: Home, Office Hotel Rooms
Voltage: 100-240V / 60-50HZ
Dimensions: 286 * 147 * 237mm
Weight: 2.5kg.2.8kg.3kg.3.2kg
Ozone Output: 5-10-15-20-30g / h
Coverage Area: 60-300m3
Noise: 18-30dB


Usage Area: Home, Office Hotel Rooms
Voltage: 100-240V / 60-50HZ
Dimensions: 530 * 170 * 240mm
Weight: 5.2-6.2kg
Ozone Output: 2-3-5-7-10g / h
Coverage Area: 60-300m3
Noise: 18-55dB
Wall mounting


Usage Area: Office, AVM, Restaurant, Cafe, Dense Areas
Voltage: 100-240V / 60-50HZ
Dimensions: 550 * 400 * 1000mm
Weight: 42KG
Ozone Output: 50-70-100g / h
Coverage Area: 100-2000m3
Noise: 18-55dB