Hotel Doorbell (DND/MUR) System

Touch Panel Hotel Doorbell System consists of two parts, in-room and outdoor. The panel is linked to the system via doorbell. When the DND button is pressed, outdoor panel shows ‘do not disturb’ sign and the doorbell becomes inactive. When the Cleaning button is pressed, outdoor panel shows ‘cleaning’ sign. With easy use and constant DND/MUR feature, it gives your hotel more comfort.

The panel has become more appealing with the option to add room number or hotel logo to the frame. Bigger panels for better vision are also available. Optional features such as ‘newspaper, dry-cleaning, ironing service’ so on and so forth can be added to the panels.

Hotel doorbell system saves you from hotel door sign expenditures. It also prevents confusion and problems caused by DND cards. With the ‘cleaning’ sign to clean the room or to change the linens, there is no need for every day cleaning. This saves you both manpower and cleaning material, thus earning your investment back in a short time.

Apart from energy saving, miliamp smd Leds work more consistently and more safely than 220V bulbs. They do not get overheated, therefore they do not cause deformation or melting either. It is the only long-lasting Doorbell(DND) system.

Elegant appearance, fire-resistant material, bright and trendy coloured panel, day and night eye-catching light. It moves your hotel higher in the quality ladder.