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Hotel Lock Systems

Can a professional company change all your thoughts on hotel lock designs and implementation?
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Can you provide the latest technologies?
Can it develop complete, trouble-free systems?
How expert can be in developing technology?
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Mobile App and Cardless Smart Saver for Each Room

Thanks to our online systems that we have used for a long time, hotel room doors can be opened much easier with smart phones.
We designed your guests’ smartphones for your hotel
Just install the application and check in to your guests. Thanks to the easy codes you will provide, your guests can open their rooms on their smartphones if they wish. The smooth running application is suitable for all types of smart phones, it works to be wi-fi internet in the hotel. In cases where no card is used, you can save smart energy thanks to smart saver. You can make your doors online and manageable thanks to Wi-fi, and also in all brand lock systems you already use.
If you wish, you can expand the system and change the entire room from illumination to services, services,
From the air conditioning system to the Do not disturb system, you can make it online, make it available to your guests via smartphones or tablets, and monitor and manage room conditions from anywhere. You can contact our sales representatives for more information and demo.

Hotel Lock Styles and Models

Software Features

General features:
It is installed on the appropriate PC recommended by us, thanks to the support of SQL Server, both your data backup job is easier and it provides multiple PC usage in the number of rooms in many hotels and relaxes your check-ins.
Thanks to our flexible and easy-to-use program, your guest entries are faster and hassle-free, Turkish and English language selection is standard income and other language supports can be added when requested.
Thanks to its easy-to-use menu, your work gets light, changeable icons, menu options, menu size measures are some of these.
Thanks to easy reporting, you can get guest reports, card reports, and can be partitioned within itself; guest report staying at the hotel, guest report changing room, guest report extending the stay, guest report requesting an additional room card, etc. like.
Unlimited users can be defined so that it is easier to track the receptionists who write cards, what card you can print to the account you want and which features can be used within the program, so you can simplify your many control and control systems.
Possibility to apply various cards to locks (Master, Cleaning, Technique, Floor, Area, Emergengy, etc.), Emergency opening with Emergengy card even if the room is locked from inside, Limiting room cards (Check out day and time), Compatibility with all hotel programs. Ability to define multiple rooms or areas on the card, daily hourly empowerment for employees.

Online Mod Features:
Just one click to collect instant information from the locks, remotely extend the day or time of the guests, view the battery status of the locks, send information to the locks from the center, update, open a remote door, just a few features …

More Innovation and Features …

Elevator Module

16-fold control and stylishly designed card reader come as standard on a single module. Multiple definitions are possible. The hotel customer only uses the card to access the permitted room floors, so that visitors without hotel guests cannot access the room floors. Or you can direct your guests to the room floor where they stay. When you read the guest card, the elevator automatically dials the relevant floor. Soon, elevator modules with mobile App use will be put into service for the online system.

Access Module

It is used for entrance to main entrance doors in boutique hotels, intermediate access areas in large facilities, warehouses, meeting rooms, office entrances, car park entrance, SPA, Fitness areas. With the stylishly designed card reader, you can authorize your doors safely. You can define hotel guests with restricted hours or days or free access to the relevant areas, you do not need to give an additional card that can be made on the guest room card or use another system. You can authorize the entrance and exit of the areas such as office warehouse to the staff cards within the hotel in hours and days, so that unauthorized personnel cannot enter the area or the personnel you have authorized can only enter this area at the relevant hours.

Self Check-in Kiosk

Self Check-in Kiosk was a product we designed for hotels without staff 4 years ago, now it works integrated with online or offline systems, adding extra comfort and freedom to the reception. The passport, ID scanner, Pos device module, room card module, QR code reader and thermal printer on it provide a wide range of application and ease of use. It works integrated with hotel lock software, booking is integrated, PMS is integrated thanks to lock software. Thanks to the self chek-in kiosk, your guests can easily complete their transactions themselves and get their room cards from the kiosk thanks to the code you send when they arrive at your hotel with reservation. The customers without reservation are; At the entrance of the hotel, you can easily examine and pay all options and switch to the room. Now it is fully compatible with Covid-19 security applications thanks to the Body temp screen.

Mifare Type Hotel Lock Features

Working at a temperature of -15 to 80 degrees.
Protection against moisture.
Rubber seal protection against external influences. (on some models)
10,000 door opening guarantee with a full alkaline battery.
Last 800 entries memory.
Door open sound and light warning.
Low battery sound and light warning.
400 times door opening guarantee with low battery warning.
3 mechanical keys, Or One key to the whole hotel.
Easy assembly and maintenance, Easy battery replacement.
Right / Left Compatibility for interior and exterior doors.
Installation from 26mm to 60mm door thickness.
65 and 86mm Seren depth.
Idle arm against breaks.
Easy installation application on American doors.

Mortise Features

65-86mm Navel depth.
Locking sensor. / Door open sensor.
Original Japanese Mabuchi engine.
Stainless steel body and mirror.
Tongue and barrel mechanism from casting material.
Precise closure and safety thanks to ANSI Design.
1,000,000 times guaranteed.
Comfortable closing thanks to specially designed spring system.
Thanks to the security details in many areas outside the hotel
offers the opportunity to use.
Special design for ANSI, EURO and Sliding doors We work with various cylinders with and without lock hubs, on and without battery compartment and depending on the type of use.

Lock PCB (Electronic Circuit) Features

Integrated Philips Eeprom.
Protected against moisture.
(Buzzer) to be able to sound.
External antenna input.
External LED input.
4.8V operation.
Total 4 alkaline batteries (AA or AAA)
Ability to use in elevators.
Keeping the last 800 login information.
Ability to work Wi-Fi Online.
Compatibility with all brands of locks.
Compatibility with every core type.

Our Contactless Hotel Systems are More Flexible Now …..

You can examine our Zero Contact Hotel Systems and adapt to this new period faster with the equipment suitable for your projects. You can follow your hotels remotely and automatically control all health measures from the first entrance to the exit.

Now it is easier to use and more affordable with Offline and Online product options ….