Founded in 2002, LOCCA first entered the sector on Professional systems,
in the future, it has developed itself and its product range in professional systems,
After a short time, it started to work on hotel systems and started to work in professional systems.
has gained experience and product range. Sound systems that hotels need in low current,
conference systems, satellite and video systems, fire alarm and security systems have been professionally
continues and in addition to these systems, complement Hotel systems, Electronic room locks,
Hotel Doorbell systems, Touch Hotel Lighting products, Energy saving devices, Minibar, Room Safes,
Welcom Tray Set (Kettle set), Iron and Portable Room Ironing Tables, Hotel Tv and IPTV Systems and
Encrypted Cabinet locks, which are also used within the Hotel, also incorporated Info Display systems,
developed and always presented the firsts using the latest technology.
Now, we have developed the online hotel lock systems used for the last 6 years under the name of Zero Contact hotels,
additional products such as advanced and multi-choice Self Check-in Kiosk, Thermal Camera, Personal Fire measurement screen.
By making contactless completely reliable, remotely manageable PMS and Booking compatible system,
presented to its users.


On the subject of Hotel Doorbell, we brought the touch and LED illuminated products to the market,
Now in a wider range with unlimited options and specially designed products !!!. Electronic room locks
Apart from locks with IC card, RF card and Magnetic card, Wi-Fi working locks are also
We won the piayasa first, now it is flawless with its most advanced version within the scope of Zero Contact Hotels
The only working market product !!!. The products are also Philips Eeprom (Electronic circuit) and Japanese Mabuchi motor
we extended the warranty period by 6 years and we were the first to offer a one-to-one exchange warranty,
Our hotel locks, which are used without any problems, with new versions without sacrificing quality
still the leader in the market !!!. Interactive TV, which is completely foreign investor and sold in our country
Offering more modules equivalent to its systems, very high standards, fully used hotel specific,
We were the first to manufacture the Interactive Hotel TV system, which is affordable and all domestic,
Now with its more advanced version, user-friendly interface, it is at your service and very soon
with globally known TV brand LOCCA guarantee Turkey, Greece, Azerbaijan and Georgia in the market…
What we bring to the sector will continue increasingly.