Contactless Reception Systems, Products and Applications …
Hotel Self Check-in Kiosk…

Units that can be added and removed in the Hotel Self Check-in Kiosk content, online and offline system compatibility is available. According to the system in the hotel, Passport, ID scanner, QR code printer and reader, Card reader according to the type and model can be added and removed from the mifare card printer, mobile or fixed pos device for hotel room locks. Kiosks are offered with 24, 32 and 40 inch touch screen options. Thanks to the newly added thermal camera, the people who will perform operations on the kiosk are firstly measured for fever and then, if appropriate, operation is allowed, the system gives an alarm in the fever measurements over the specified body temperature, and it is also among the options for face control with or without a mask.

Thermal Camera and Warning System …

256 × 192 VOx uncooled thermal sensor technology
Athermalized Focal Lens (thermal imager)
1 / 2.8 ”2 Megapixel progressive scan Sony CMOS
ROI, Motion Detection, Color Palettes support
Support product to measure body temperature
Measurement Accuracy: Max (± 0.3 ° C, black body)
Active deterrence with white light and siren
Internal 2/2 alarm input / output
Micro SD memory, IP67, PoE

The focal length of the thermal imaging lens is 7mm, and the recommended distance is 3m.

Hotel Room Sterilization with Ozone Generator …

Working Principle:
When the oxygen-containing gas passes through the discharge gap between the two electrodes, some of the oxygen-containing gas (O2) is converted into ozone (O3) to allow ozone to be prepared. The discharge gap between the high voltage electrodes produces micro discharge, the atoms of the oxygen molecules become free, are part of the free oxygen and are broken down by the decomposition of the oxygen molecules to produce ozone (O3). More…

System and Remote Management …

The system is basically built on hotel lock software, more useful with the auxiliary products added on the Kiosk
and zero contact.Your guests staying in the hotel can be booked or booked without this reservation.
They can take their room cards without going to the reception, make their check-in and check-out, and make their payments through the pos device. This system will offer you complete isolation and reduce your reception burden.
Thanks to the thermal camera support, all the controls of the guests will be realized automatically from the entrance to the hotel. The reception will be able to make all entries remotely, and the relevant managers will receive the reports automatically.

Using the System …
Reserved Guest …

Passport or identity information of the guests with reservation is entered into the system in advance, room information is added, there are several methods of accessing the room for the guest concerned. You can send a QR code or Password to the guest with a message, thanks to this information, the guest can read the QR code to the browser when he reaches the hotel, or enter the password in the menu that appears and open the relevant screen, you can ask the guest to scan his passport or ID to confirm the accuracy, all of this information will be sent to you as a report. will still reach the relevant department through the software. After the guest has passed all the stages and the confirmation (including the payment stages), the room card will be written as many as you set and can be transferred to the guest room.

Guest Door Customer Without Reservation …

The option in this area is much more, the first time the guest kioska comes, his fever is measured and, if appropriate, access to the screen is allowed.
You can examine the room prices options on the screen, after choosing and determining the room
determines the number of people staying in the room, then asked to scan passports or IDs one by one
After these transactions are completed, they are directed to the payment screen, and after completing their payment, they can start using their room.
These scenarios generally prefer boutique hotels or residences with small rooms and few staff.
They sell rooms to door customers without any effort for room sales, with security and automation systems.
these supported hotels have very low costs, high security and more convenience.
This system is also divided online or offline, the guest can continue by buying a card from the kiosk.
or you can enter the room via APP via the phone.

Zero Contact Hotel Room Systems, Products and Applications …
Wi-Fi Online and Card Reader Room Locks

You can take the first step into the system by choosing a model from our Online Locks.

You can take the first step to the system by choosing a model from our Offline Locks.

You can take the first step to the system by choosing our Offline Hotel Doorbell type lock.

We can incorporate you into this system by simply changing the electronic circuit for each brand hotel lock. While your hotel is running, we can start the system without disturbing your guests.

In-Room Offline and Online Products …

Manageable products from the in-room reception or unmanaged
You can add in-room local automated products to your system.
You can manage many product controls such as multi-point lighting control, dimmer, curtain / Venetian blind, heating / cooling systems, hotel doorbell and saver from reception or related center, and your guests can experience the comfort of the room with more functional touch products. Or you can add all these systems to your rooms at more affordable prices and design a functional, comfortable, easy and stylish room.

Check-Out and Notifications …

If you are using our automation system, you will be able to make the Check-out notification instantly on the guest touch panel and complete the guest’s Check-out process minutes before reaching the reception. If you do not have an automation system, you can do this from Self Check-in Kiosk at the time of check-in or Self Check-in Kiosk at check-out.

Personnel Tracking in Contactless Hotel Scope …
Body Fire Measurement Screen with Face Recognition System …

Non-contact automatic body temperature sensing detects human face and simultaneously measures high-precision infrared fever, fast and high impact.
Temperature measurement range 30-45 (℃) Accuracy ± 0.3 (℃)
Automatically identifies unmasked personnel and provides real-time alerts
It supports medium temperature measurement and real-time warning of high temperature.
Temperature data support SDK and HTTP protocol.
It automatically records information, prevents manual operation, increases efficiency and reduces missing information.
Support for binocular live detection.
Unique facial recognition algorithm to recognize faces accurately, facial recognition time <500ms – Supports human motion tracking and exposure in strong backlight environment, artificial optics wide vision up to d80dB destiny.
Uses Linux operating system for better system stability.
Rich interface protocols support SDK and HTTP protocols under multiple platforms such as Windows / Linux.

8 ” IPS HD Screen
IP34 Class is dust and water resistant.
Supports 22400 face introduction memories and 100,000 face recognition records
Wiegand input and output support.
Multiple white balance modes suitable for fog passage, 3D noise reduction, strong light suppression, electronic image stabilization and various areas
Scene options.
Electronic voice broadcast support (used for normal human body temperature or super high temperature alarm, facial recognition verification results)