Hotel Room Automation


Hotel room automation, also known as customer follow-up system. We have carried hotel doorbell systems one step forward with our new products. From now on you can track your customers’ requests and learn the room availability from reception. Completely touch screen systems, you can track all the information below;

Customer in the room, DND button pressed, Room cleaning request, SOS button pressed, Room service request, Ready to check-out, Dry cleaning or ironing request, Room temperature, Temperature chosen by the customer, Ventilation on/off. If connected(upod request) Windows or balcony doors open/closed, Room safe info, Room door info.

You can track and control all those information from reception or from a local PC. Lighting system in the room can be tracked and controlled, too. You can get a whole automation system for a quite cheap price.

Hotel Room Automation Connection Features
X100 Host Control

2xDimmer input.
16x10A Lighting input.
8xService station input(DND, Make Up, Service etc.)
5x5A air conditioner and ventilation input.
6xintercommunication port(RS485+Ethernet)
Energy Saver Input(2x32A+2 empty contact)
480x400x100mm Central unit dimensions.
host kontrol
Hotel Room Automation Connection Accessories.
Doorbell Outdoor Unit
Doorbell Indoor Unit
Doorbell Bell Unit
Energy Saver
Dimmer Unit
Lighting Unit
Climate Unit
SOS Button
Program Media.