Hotel Lock Systems


Our  hotel locks consist of 3 pieces: Body part, Motor part and Electronic Circuit(PCB). Electronic circuits of our hotel locks are genuine products. Motor part is of Japanese Mabuchi brand. The body part is stainless steel. The locks run on 4 AA alkaline batteries and need no wiring. Therefore, it is quite easy to install.

Features of Hotel Lock
Working temperature between 15 and 80 degrees     
Protection against humidity. 
Rubber gasket against outer effects.
With a full battery, 10,000 times door-opening guaranteed.
Last 800 entry memory.
'Door open' warning with sound and light.
'Low battery' warning with sound and light.
After 'low battery' warning, 400 times door-opening guaranteed.
3 mechanic keys or a single key for the whole hotel.
Easy installation and maintenance.
Easy battery changing.
Compatible with left-opening, right-opening, 
inside opening and outside opening doors.
Installation to doors between the tickness of 36 and 60mm.
65 and 86mm doorpost depth.
Idle handle against any breaking.
Installation to American doors.  
kartlı kilit
Great Innovation

Now the hotel doors can be opened more easily with smartphones.
We designed for hotel guests to your smartphone
Application of the shipper that you and your guests need to do the check-in.
If you wish your guests to give room for easy QR code
They can open their smartphones. Stable and smooth running application
Suitable for all types of smart phones, it is sufficient hotel in wi-fi.
Wi-fi online through the door and make it manageable,
every brand you use moreover already lock in sistemlerini
You can make the change online.
If you wish to expand the lighting system for the whole room to the services,
the air conditioning system, Do not disturb until the system can make online,
guests can be used from your smartphone or tablet,
observe the situation from the center of the room, you can manage.
With our sales representative for further information and demo
You can contact us.

hotel lock app


Mifare Card Hotel Lock Models
otel kilidi
otel tipi kilit
siyah otel kilidi
vingcard modeli
rozetli otel kilidi
QR-Code Online / Offline Hotel Lock
rozetli otel kilidi
Wi-Fi Online Hotel lock
rozetli otel kilidi
Hotel self Check-in Kiosk
otel kilidi asansör modülü
Mifare Card Lift Module
otel kilidi asansör modülü
Mifare Card Access Control Module
access modölü
Program Features

The program is installed to an appropriate computer that we advise. With the SQL Server it is easy to back-up data. It also enables multiple PC usage and relieves check-ins.

Guest check-ins are much faster with our flexible and easy-to-use program. Turkish and English are default languages. Other languages can be installed upon request.

Changeable icons, menu options, menu size options so on and so forth make your work much easier.

You can get guest reports, card reports with easy report function. It is also possible to categorize these reports as guests staying at the hotel report, guest changing room report, guest extending their stay report, guest requesting additional room entrance card report etc.

You can register infinite number of users. It is easier for card-making receptionists to follow. It is possible to limit what kind of cards can be made for which accounts and what services can be used within the program. Therefore, following and monitoring will be much easier.

Different cards can be used on locks(Master, Cleaning, Technical, Floor, Area, Emergency etc.). Emergency card opens the door even if it is locked from inside. Limiting room cards(Check-out time and date). Compatibility with every hotel program.

System Requirements

Lock system consists of 5 parts. Hotel type door lock, Encoder device(used to make cards), Data Collector device(used to collect data from locks), Convenient card(RF, Mifare1, IC or Magnetic Taped) and Program.

All these products depend on each other and are sold as a bundle. Cards and program requires a password for safety reasons. Therefore, other hotel cards or any other card from outside cannot be used or cannot open room doors.

Lock Warranty
All our locks come with 5 years warranty. First 2  years covers replacement warranty. Any problem that might occur in the first 2  years of purchase results 
with item replacement. You can get support from our  7/24 emergency line. In case of a breakdown, guaranteed repair in 24 hours in  whole Turkey.
Fixing card fee guaranteed.
Lock Backset Features
PCB Electronic Circuit Features
65-86mm Backset depth. 
Lock sensor.
Door open sensor.
Genuine Japanese Mabuchi motor.
Stainless steel body and mirror.
Casting bolt and barrel mechanism.
Absolute closure and safety with both-sided bolt.
1,000,000 times opening guaranteed.
Easy closure with special bow design.
Available to use outside-hotel with detailed information on safety.
Philips PCB.
Protection against humidity.
Sound making(Buzzer).
External antenna input.
External LED input
Runs 4,8V, 4 alkaline batteries(AA or AAA).
Works in the elevator.
Elevators work more efficiently this way.
Works in parking lot barrier systems.
LOCCA locks can be safely used in hotels, residences, dormitories and apartments. They can be used in elevators to enhance safety or relieve working in 
elevators(Elevator automatically goes to the cardholders's floor, elevator limitation, elevators do not work without cards so on and so forth) or they can be 
used in other areas for access and safety reasons.