Hotel Safe


Our hotel safes are made of resistant steel material and painted in the best way, thus having a longer life. The safes can be mounted with its special design, preventing any attempt to move the safe. You can create 3 digit and 6 digit master and user passwords. It is also possible to create a single-use passwords. 4 alkaline batteries run the safe for quite long. When the batteries die, easy opening with mechanic key, enabling battery change. When the password is entered wrong for 4 times, 5 minutes of protection mode gets activated and new password entry gets deactivated. After 5 minutes, the safe can be unlocked with the true user password or the master password.

LOC-HS01 Password Type Hotel Safe
Password Safe, Laser-cut steel body,  Mountable  to wall, Master and user  password 
options, 3 minutes of protection after the password is entered wrong  for 3 times, 
Runs on 4  alkaline batteries, Laptop type, 420x370x200mm