LOCCA IPTV is an interactive hotel television. With only one server, it broadcasts a number of 1000 users via network. High definition STBs, which are installed to every room, get the broadcast by the server. User-friendly interface allows people to access the broadcast as they wish. The broadcast can be supplied from Satellites, the Internet or a Host. These broadcast sources provide a quite wide range of choices. Channels, products and services on the system interface are priced and invoiced. It ultimately means that the system earns money.

Live TV

The broadcast from satellites are distributed in the hotel network via Decoders and Streamers. New TV and radio channels can be added upon request. Adult and Pay TV are in a category that can not be watched without a password. You can control channels with the web-based interface as long as you have an Internet connection, no matter where you are. You can contact us for categorization, channel list making, channel order, addition and removal of channels, logo change so on and so forth.

The system also offers High Definition and  Standard Definition movies via VOD servers. 
Language and subtitles are  available for customers. 
Movies and information on movies are voiced as soon as  the customer completes payment. 
The customer can watch the movie until  check-out.
The preview is controlled by administrator interface, showing movies  from a starting point and continuing for a period of time.
Adult movies  requires password as the Live TV does. They can be watched after entering the  password.
Songs are also updated on the web and  broadcasted to the customers, as TV and Movies.
From lounge music to pop music,  from country to jazz, all sorts of music are categorized and put into the  system.
Then albums are put under categories, as seen in the Picture below
Artist name, album name, genre and album logo can be changed via edit option  


Room Service

The system is designed parallel to your hotel’s services. Customers will be able to see products and services, read the definitions and order whichever they want. Bar & Restaurant, Entertainment, SPA menus are integrated into your hotel services. The orders from customers are delivered to the relevant department via e-mail. Food, beverages, massages, sports activities, concerts, city tours can be prepared and commercialized in this system. Restaurant icon shows food & beverage categories: Starters, appetizers, entrées, beverages so on and so forth. When a product is chosen, system asks the customer the quantity of the product, and asks the customer one last time if he or she wants to order it. If the customer confirms the order, an e-mail is delivered to the relevant department(restaurant, SPA center). Administrator interface shows past and current orders by rooms and invoices these orders at the check-out.

Promotion of the Hotel

You can put all the information on your hotel in this section and let your customers know about your services in the hotel. Breakfast time, bar opening time, how to spend time in the hotel… You can give such information in this section and enhance it with a video. Administrator interface chooses pictures and logos for the promotion of the hotel. A text about your hotel is also an option for the promotion of your hotel.