Analog and Digital TV Systems


Let us together decide which system is convenient for your hotel.

We can help you choose the right system depending on the total number of rooms. We can help you tell your services in an effective way. We can help you decide which system is more useful for certain rooms. In this way, we install systems and help you make the right investment.

Digital Headend System

Digital broadcast not only offers countless number of channels, it also provides a crystal clear vision via built-in DVB-T and DVB-C tuners. Although it is similar to analogue systems in terms of structure, it has a smaller operator. Development of the digital systems enabled us to integrate some features of IPTV and Interactive systems into these systems. It is much easier and cheaper to configure an info channel, and to send commercial videos to all TVs and while your customers are watching. There is no limit in terms of length of such videos.

Analogue Headend Systems

Analogue Headend Systems is also a cheap alternative. However, the number of channels is limited on analogue systems. The system is usually used in small hotels by wiring. The maximum number of channels in this system is 48. Briefly, TV broadcast from satellite dishes is gathered at one point and sent to the TVs via wires. It is highly important to use professional systems if you want a long-term, unproblematic broadcast. Home satellite receivers frequently face problems as freezing in the broadcast and malfunctioning. 

Operator Systems

Satellite operator systems are ideal for only small hotels. In this system, satellite broadcast is distributed to receivers in rooms from a central point. Although the number of channels is high, receivers in the rooms are problematic.  It is itself a visual pollution. Moreover, 2 remote controllers will surely cause various problems such as change of the channel order, settings, etc.